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About Us

Assault Trailers was created to solve a typical problem - a lack of space on your property! If you own a UTV, you need a trailer to take it to play. When not in use, the trailer takes valuable driveway space or you must rent lot storage. You also leave yourself open to theft and/or vandalism!

Our engineers came up with a simple solution that allows you to keep everything together on your property! Fold it and stow it away! This is much easier said than done! How do you make something that is large enough to haul your toys around safely, but foldable for compact stowage? Where there is a will, there is a way. After over 1 year of prototyping and road testing Assault Trailers is ready to roll out! 

Assault Trailers are made to order and available in fixed and foldable configurations. Optional features like custom powder coating, decal kits and other great accessories will be available to maximize the fun!

Assault Trailers, LLC is headquartered in Garden Grove, California. All trailers are manufactured in compliance with NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufactures) guidelines for light and medium duty trailers.