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Frequently Asked Questions

We are working on possible solutions for single operator folding, but for now, it is recommended that at least 3 able-bodied adults fold the trailer to prevent personal injury or damage to the trailer. Please follow the instructions and safety guidelines and brief anyone that may be assisting with the folding process to the proper procedure before attempting to fold.

Note: Assault Trailers is not liable for any damage or injury resulting from improper use or failure to follow folding and unfolding procedures.

Initially the trailers will be available for local pick up only at our facility or local authorized dealer. In time we will be working with carriers to palletize and ship via truck freight for an additional fee.
We offer a selection of color options to suit most needs, however if you would like a color that is not on our list just give us a call - As long as we can match a color with our powder coat supplier, we can meet your requirements. We can also supply you with a raw finish trailer that can be disassembled and sent off to powder in your local area.
Yes. Assault Trailers offers up to $10,000 in financing with support from Klarna. Click here to learn more.
For the vehicles these trailers are designed to carry, 1 axle is all that is needed. They are engineered to be extremely stable with and without a load. A significant amount of road miles was put on the Tactical Hauler™ with and without load to ensure performance is in line with
We already have strong demand, so meeting initial order requirements will put lead times at 6-8 weeks. Once we are caught up, made-to-order & custom color trailers will take 4-6 weeks. Those time lines will eventually come down even more.
The Tactical Hauler™ features best in class ground clearance at 14 inches from the axle, 18 inches from the frame. This exceptional ground clearance should provide scrape-free towing as you make your way out to the trail!