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**NEW** Assault Trailers Optional Tire and Wheel Package (Raceline / Greenball)

**NEW** Assault Trailers Optional Tire and Wheel Package (Raceline / Greenball)

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Product Type: Accessories, Wheels & Tires

Vendor: Assault Trailers


Features & Benefits

  • Raceline 820M Twisted wheels
  • 15 inch; 5 lug pattern 
  • Black/machined finish wheel
  • Center caps included
  • Greenball Tow Master ASC 15 inch tires
  • All steel trailer tire
  • Smooth at highway speeds


Assault Trailers optional wheel and tire packages are a great way to customize the look of your trailer while preserving the highest level of safety and drivability. All wheel and tire packages offered by Assault Trailers have been thoroughly road tested in real world conditions to ensure consistency in performance with our engineering guideline. 


Assault Trailers uses and recommends Greenball Towmaster ASC trailer tires.

The 12-ply rated Tow-Master ASC (All-Steel Construction) is constructed with a 1-ply steel carcass and 3-ply steel belt overlay. The improved durability makes it suitable for a wide range of trailer applications. Additionally, the advanced tread compound and highway tread design offer stability and longevity at highway speeds. This is the first 15” all-steel trailer tire to hit the market and requires a wheel with load capacity of 3,195 lbs or greater. 


Raceline Trailer wheels - 820 Twisted
Raceline 820 Twisted Gloss Black Finish trailer wheels are the perfect addition to any trailer. A Strong One-piece construction and a slick 10-spoke style allow you to take your trailer to the track, or trail and arrive in style.

Package Contents

(2) Wheels
(2) Tires

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Coming Soon...

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