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**NEW** Assault Trailers Tactical Hauler (Folding Trailer / Raw Finish)

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Product Type: Trailer, Folding

Vendor: Assault Trailers


Features & Benefits

  • Bed length 13ft long; 78in wide
  • Fits most UTVs
  • Aluminum & steel construction
  • Stands 7ft, 2in. tall when folded
  • Available with raw or powder coated finish
  • LED Lighting w/ quick detach connector
  • NATM compliant
  • Patent pending
  • Made in the USA


The Assault Trailers Tactical Hauler is a lightweight trailer that folds and stows away when additional space is needed. The trailer is constructed primarily from aircraft grade aluminum while the tongue and brackets are made from steel and powder coated black to prevent corrosion. 

The trailer measures 13 feet long and 78 inches wide in the bed. Ground clearance is 14 inches. When folded the height is around 7ft. 2in. tall due to the railing height. 

Assault Trailers will offer a selection of wheel upgrades and accessories to maximize style and utility! You can also choose from an assortment of colors to powder coat your trailer! 


The Tactical Hauler can be folded with basic hand tools and the helping hands of at least one other person.  

Note: For your safety read the instructions thoroughly! Also be sure to read the safety guidelines for the trailer! Make sure that helpers have been properly briefed to avoid accidents.

One of the fold-specific features of the Tactical Hauler is the Dual Dog-Leg supports that fold down to prevent the trailer from returning to its flat position while folding. Another great feature is the folding tongue. 3 pins hold the tongue in it’s locked position but when removed the tongue is able to be folded down into the main structure of the trailer. This keeps the entire trailer self contained and as compact as possible. 

The tires remain on the ground to assist with mobility during stowage. The wiring harness features a quick disconnect which can be separated prior to folding. The LED lighting system is fully featured with brake, turn signal and running lights as required by law.  

The trailer ships in raw finish with black steel wheels and Greenball tires.

Weight (Unloaded) 800lbs
Dimensions (Over all - unfolded) 18ft long; 8.4ft wide
Dimensions (Over all - Folded) 7.25ft tall; 8.4ft wide; 4.5ft deep
Bed Interior Dimensions 13ft Long; 6.5ft wide
Ground Clearance 14in at the axle
Material Aluminum and Steel
Standard Wheels and Tires Black Steelies + Greenball Tires
Finish Raw / Powder Coated
Manufacturing Location USA
Capacity 3000lbs. / 1.5 tons

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